Tyler is currently attending The University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH) studying Automotive and High Performance Technology.  Tyler does very well in school but has always had a passion for cars and racing.  Tyler has tried other sports but his true passion is being in a racecar out on the track. 

Here is the story of how we got into racing.  At the age of six Tyler
wanted to play Tackle Football.  We signed him up and a few weeks into it he came to my wife (Laura) and I and said that he did not like it that it was just not for him.  Not being one of those parents that force their kids into things they do not like we agreed that he could quit.  Weeks had passed and then one day while flipping channels on the TV, Tyler saw Go Kart racing. He turned to me and said “Dad, that’s what I want to do!”  Like most parents would do, I just laughed and said “yeah right!” Tyler was very persistent and kept bringing up the idea of racing Go Karts.  My wife and I decided to entertain the idea and take him out to Concept Haulers Motor Speedway (Norway Speedway at the time) one Saturday to check it out.  He was like a kid in a candy store!  He was so excited watching the Go Karts go around the track.  On the way home from the track we asked Tyler if that is what he really wanted to do.  He perked up with excitement and said ”YES!”  Laura and I discussed it and decided that we would give it a shot.  In Tyler ’s first year racing Go Karts he finished 4th in points and in his 2nd year he won the track Championship.  After the 2006 season we decided to look into a much safer means of racing and that is how we ended up in a Mini Cup Car. To our despair we had to take the 2007 race season off to work on funding for our Mini Cup Race Team.  We were back to racing for the 2008 season. Tyler did a great job his first year in a Mini Cup Car and finished 9th in the overall point’s standings out of 19 other drivers.  In his second and third year Tyler finished 2nd in points out of 15-20 other drivers.  The 2011-12 brought on new challenges, moving up to the "Pro Division" and racing with the adults as well as moving up to a larger scale car, an Allison Legacy Car.  Despite a lot of mechanical issues throughout the seasons with the Mini Cup Car, Tyler kept his determination and chin up.  We did not fair as well in the Mini Cup car as we have in the past seasons but Tyler never gave up!  Tyler did an awesome job jumping into the Alison Legacy car and going out and winning the first race of the season!  He had a few other wins and many top finishes for the season!.  Fast forward to 2017, we are now running a Late Model full time in the Big 8 Series.  
Car:                Late Model Stock Car

2018- NASCAR Whelen All-American Series (Rockford Speedway) Illinois Rookie of the Year!

2017- Big 8 Late Model Rookie of the Year

2015-Finished 3rd in Points Championship

2014-Finished 3rd in Points Championship

2013- Did not run for points!  Went out and had fun!!

2012-Multiple wins and many top 3 finishes.  We did not run for points this season and just went out and had fun learning the new Allison Legacy car.

*7th place in CSR Pro Division Season Point's

*2nd place in CSR JR Division Season Point's
* 5 Wins

*2nd place in CSR JR Division Season Point's
*Voted most improved driver

*9th place in CSR JR Division Season Point's for Rookie year
*Runner up for Rookie of the Year

*Kid Kart Season Champion at Concept Haulers Motor Speedway

*4th in points at Concept Haulers Motor  Speedway (Rookie year in Karting)
Favorite Drivers: 
Tony Stewart and Kevin Harvick
To have a lot of fun, win some races, and to get more sponsors for my Late Model!
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